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Nuclear Waste


Nuclear Waste

Sovereign started extensive research in the nuclear containment industry. NOH2O grout has been developed to be radiation tolerant. Recent test conducted by Vitreous State Laboratory – (The Catholic University of America) in Washington DC stated that even under irradiation level of 100 Mrad, NOH2O grout performed very well.

NOH2O Sealant Properties for Nuclear Applications:
Irradiation Testing of Three Candidate Samples

“In view of the relatively high maximum doses that were examined in the present work (100 Mrad), the radiation tolerance of the NOH2O materials appears to be high. For comparison, several recent studies saw extensive changes in polymeric materials at considerably lower doses (50 to 200 kGy, which corresponds to 5 to 20 Mrad). Significant changes in the properties of poly (ether-block-amide) thermoplastic elastomers over this dosage range were found while a substantial loss of various mechanical properties was observed even at doses up to 25 kGy (2.5 Mrad) for chlorobutyl rubbers that were vulcanized by various processes. In this context, the performance of NOH2O is considered to be very good”

The Catholic University of America NOH2O Irradiation Testing
Vitreous State Laboratory Final Report, VSL-14R3360-1, Rev. 0 – (14 March 2014)

This research led to the creation of NOH2O Solutions – a consortium between Sovereign and other international industry leaders investigating alternative nuclear containment and sealing solutions at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power plant in Japan and other DOE storage sites in the US.